Massage Package: $450.00/600 Mins

Welcome to Zen Body Work in East Windsor and Experience Some of Life's Pleasures. At Zen Body Work in East Windsor, we provide stone massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology massage and aromatherapy massage therapy.

Price List

Foot Reflexology $25/30 mins; $40/60 mins
Chair Massage $10/10 mins; $30/30 mins; $50/60 mins
Aromatherapy Massage $40/30 mins; $60/60 mins; $90/90 mins
Deep Tissue Massage $35/30 mins; $50/60 mins; $80/90 mins
Hot Stone Massage $35/30 mins; $55/60 mins
Four Hands Massage $70/30 mins; $100/60 mins
Massage Package $450/600 mins

Reflexology is a technique that works critical points on the hands and feet that improve the entire body's health. In reflexology, the reflexologist views the hands and feet as a mirror image of the entire body and every organ. They apply pressure in a circular motion to and relive patterns of stress in the body. Some of the things reflexology can be used for balancing emotions, restoring circulation throughout the entire body, relieving stress; it can relive insomnia and help lower blood pressure.

We look forward to meeting you at Zen Body Work in East Windsor. Whether you prefer Whole Body Massage, Back Massage or Foot Massage, we can help you in your growth and healing.

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Address: 549 Rt 130, East Windsor, NJ 08520